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Electric Cooperatives

AXIS, Inc. provides top of the line utility billing statements, print & mail solutions, and email delivery & collection to Electric Cooperatives. AXIS, Inc. can provide you with innovative online bill view, and archival options. Brand a creative form and mail piece design for all of your statements, invoices, personalized letters, and advertisements. With our digital printing technology and state-of-the-art application development, AXIS, Inc. can help make your organization work smarter, faster and more efficiently. Eliminate costly leases, equipment, maintenance, supplies, labor, and storage by having AXIS, Inc. handle all of your needs today. Our IT experts and Project Management team are ready to work with your staff to develop the exact solutions you need. We make a point of taking the time to fully understand your data needs and printing and mailing goals and to deliver cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. Check out many of our great services that we can offer your organization:

  • payment & Presentment
  • Email Collection & Delivery
  • Custom Print-Mail Solutions
  • Invoices with Graphs and Consumption History
  • CASS, NCOA, and Postage Savings

To learn more about any of our services, call 800-852-3174 or fill out our contact form today.