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It's easy to think of the production of bills, statements, invoices and other notices as a commodity service. But these vital documents are anything but generic! Not only do they often drive cash flow, they are a primary point of contact with your customers. Your brand promise is part of every document you send out, making overall appearance and how well they convey information every bit as important as the information itself. This means printing, mailing and IT services must be tightly integrated and have a clear mission of representing your business or organization as effectively as possible.

These reasons are why, since 1991, AXIS has not been just another print and mail operation. We are experts in every aspect of high volume production printing and mailing, providing state-of-the art data management and information processing capabilities that can make us an extension of your own IT department. As a full-service provider we build a relationship with you that matches our IT and document design and creation expertise with your company's specific needs. This ensures that whether you're sending out basic documents or ones incorporating targeted information or marketing offers, each will represent your company and brand as effectively as possible

In an age when businesses and organizations are looking for ways to add value to their offerings and reduce costs while retaining customers, AXIS can provide the full range of data processing and print and mail services you need to compete effectively, while nurturing and reinforcing your brand promise.

Discover the AXIS difference today, call 800-852-3174 and speak to one our educated and resourceful Account Management representatives to see how AXIS can share our knowledge to support your company’s future growth.

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Since converting from billing in house to AXIS in July 2006 we have been extremely satisfied with the level of service that we have received. Our conversion went very smoothly and I would highly recommend AXIS to anyone.

Danny Pearce - Manager of Consumer Accounting, Sumter Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SECO)

I would like to add, although it was uncomfortable at first to give up control of our bill printing, this has been one of the best decisions that we have made. Our old inserting machine “The Beast” was literally on its last legs. We were holding it together with, lots of prayer, duct tape and anything else that our MacGyver could find to keep it going. We have not missed having to deal with the numerous break downs and the changes in with the postal rates and regulations. GREAT job AXIS.

Cheryl Tucker - Consumer Account Application Analyst, Sumter Electric Cooperative, Inc. (SECO)